Sheer Cover Makeup The Inside Story

by Kelly on May 18, 2013

Sheer Cover Makeup


With the vast range of cosmetic products available it can be difficult to sort through the different brands to find a make-up which is well suited to your needs and made using natural and organic minerals. Guthy Renker has created the solution with their Sheer Cover range of makeup. Makeup artists and a plethora of Hollywood stars use mineral makeup to create that beautiful coverage that is so often seen on screen and on the red carpet. What is it about Sheer Cover that makes it so popular.

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The Company Behind The Makeup

Guthy Renker has spent the last twenty years developing a range of great quality beauty and skincare products which they can proudly promote. Their aim was to develop a mineral make up range which would give women of all ages and skin types the opportunity to achieve Hollywood radiant glamour at home without complicated products and professional make-up artists. It was designed to give everyone including people with scars and blemishes a flawless look without unsightly caking or cracking which are the results of the majority of foundations and cover up products.

What Makes Sheer Cover Stand Out?

Sheer Cover MakeupSheer Cover is different from many cosmetic products because creates a light sheer finish on the skin yet is perfect for covering, concealing or correcting the appearance of any imperfections. The product uses natural minerals which blend with the skin so a minimal amount is needed to cover any wrinkles, discolorations, scarring or any other flaws to give a natural look.

The product is made from natural 100% purity collection of minerals and contains no chemical colorants, silicones, talc’s or preservatives. It is suitable for all skin types, tones and ages and is fragrance free. The formula also contains elements of green rooibos tea which has been proven to help prevent future damage and protect the skin from the effects of oxidative stress. The product even has the reassurance of not having been tested on animals.

Unlike many other cosmetics Sheer Cover doesn’t settle into wrinkles or fine lines and is even sweat proof so your natural glow will stay perfect all day. Where conventional foundations can be thick and smother the skin like a mask, or too thin and watery so you need to layer it up multiple times, the minerals of Sheer Cover form lightly on the skin and reflect the light to provide a softer and more natural radiant finish.

What You Can Get

The Sheer Cover starter kit consists of a mineral foundation, concealer, primer, bronzing minerals and to complete the look mineral mascara which promises extra length.  This system allows you to mix the powders to easily create the perfect match to compliment your skin tone.

Getting the Best Results

For the most stunning results, it is best to begin by cleansing your face and moisturizing with a lightweight product.  Then start the beauty regime by dabbing the concealer under eyes and over any blemishes, scars or trouble areas. Now blend the mineral foundations to perfectly match your skin tone and apply with the powder brush. For the optimum results tap the powder brush before application and bear in mind that you can use it sparingly as you will need less than you would realize.  Apply in circular motions to ensure an even light coating. You can finish off the look and create a wide eyed elegance with a generous application of the mascara. This will give you a flawless look quickly and simply which will last the entire day.

applying sheer cover

Sheer Cover Tutorial 

Special Extras

Sheer Cover also gives customers the opportunity to join their member center. This special service allows members to enjoy a whole host of benefits including the opportunity to create their own kits, allowing them to tailor it with their favorite cosmetics from a selection of over ninety products and deciding how often they would like to receive replacement supplies. Also they will receive exclusive benefits and special discounts. They are even given exclusive access to expert beauty advice, professional tips and tricks.


The company has received a multitude of glowing reviews in the press which praise the value for money and overall fantastic finish which even novices to cosmetics can achieve. It has had many celebrity endorsements praising the professional finish they manage at home which compares to the look they usually achieve in the make-up chair on set.  Sheer Cover is suited to skin of any age and can create the perfect finish for any skin tone from very fair skin colors to dark shades.

Sheer Cover have a variety of special offers and larger kits and are so confident that you will be overjoyed with the results, that they offer all customers a sixty day money back guarantee. Sheer Cover gives the opportunity to enjoy all day confidence in a flawless look without having to carry a variety of miscellaneous cosmetics in your purse.

Sheer Cover Testimonials

Is It For You?

If you are fed up with spending hundreds of dollars on different cosmetic ranges which promise great results but fail to deliver, then it is certainly time to consider Sheer Cover. Although the product kit may seem more expensive than you may normally pay but you can rest assured that with the reassurance that having the sixty day satisfaction guarantee in place, you will be converted to the simple beauty regime which will give you a flawless confidence to enjoy daily. You can also relax knowing that you are using a natural product range filled with properties to care for the skin and allow it to breathe.


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how to cover acne

I recently had a big breakout on my face, whilst I do suffer with spots, especially around my time of the month this episode was dreadful. Whilst feeling sorry for myself I was looking online for a video or article on how to cover acne, but I also wanted to look like I had naturally clear skin and not like I just filled my face with a trowel. Well I came across the usual stuff, but I then I came across this video which really stood out. If you ever suffer with your skin then please watch it, the girl is a wonder.

I followed her steps and whilst I didn’t use the brands she talks about in the video, I just went with what I had, I still got amazing results!

The lovely girl in the photo and video is Cassandra Bankson, who has turned her affliction into a positive. Not only is she a top model but she has helped thousands of women like me. Her severe acne as seen in the video is nowhere to be seen after she has used the routine. If you want to know how to cover acne then make sure you watch the entire video.

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Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

by Kelly on July 10, 2013

jane iredale mineral makeup

What is Jane Iredale mineral makeup and what can it do for you?

With the wide selection of cosmetic products which are currently on the market, it can be very tricky to find the best products to suite your own unique skin tone and type. Many women find they have wasted hundreds of dollars buying foundation which turns out to be unsuitable, especially if you suffer from blemishes and breakouts or scarring on your skin. Many conventional products prove to be either too thin requiring layers and layers to be applied or too thick, coating the skin in a smothering layer which can flake or peel. This created a great demand within the beauty market for cosmetics which could create fantastic results and in response mineral makeup was developed.

A number of respected companies such as Bare Essentials and Sheer Cover have developed their own product line. This group of reputable beauty specialists includes Jane Iredale. The company is proud to have developed a comprehensive line of long wearing and natural mineral cosmetics which help to protect and nourish the skin.

The Jane Iredale Product Range

JaneiredalestarterkitThe Jane Iredale product range includes a mineral foundation which provides an even skin tone and fresh complexion, breathable concealers and mattifiers which provide balance for the skin reducing shine. The product range has been developed to provide different formulations to suit a myriad of needs, with shades to flatter a multitude of different and unique skin tones.

Jane Iredale believes that a natural mineral foundation is the key to enhancing the skins natural radiance. Their products have been designed to provide natural healthy cosmetics which are completely resistant to water allowing a protective and light all day finish. This encourages the skin to breathe and allows your essential healthy beauty to be showcased.

What In The Products

The products contain no talc’s, oils, synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives to ensure that they are of maximum benefit to your skin.  The company’s aim is to provide skin care using the help of nature, to allow the hydration that all skin craves.

Company Values

The company is committed to complete integrity directing their attention towards empowering women, caring for the planet and supporting other worthy philanthropic causes. They were one of the initial companies who committed to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and they are a respected member of a number of organizations including the Green Spa Network.

Jane Iredale ReviewIn addition to empowering women to discover their natural beauty potential, they are also strong supporters of such causes as Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Habitat for Humanities and the Red Cross. This ethical approach has led to a dedication to creating a unique and caring product range to suit women of all skin types and tones.

What Are the Benefits of Using Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation

A number of the products have multitasking functions providing active skin care benefits also serve as a concealer, foundation and sun protection. The products are made using minerals of the highest quality which have been rigorously tested to ensure that there are no nano sized elements. The minerals interact with light to allow a flawless softly focused look. The product line allows a number of finishes to suit personal taste and skin needs which covers sheer through to full, velvety to luminescent. All of which have been developed to be naturally preserved without the use of parabens or phenoxyethanol.

The products provide phenomenal coverage as the pure mineral pigmentation is not filled with talc’s. This allows a long lasting finish which requires very few touch ups.  The product range allows the skin to function normally and breathe. This creates a protective barrier which has been clinically proven to be non comedogenic and will not block your pores.


The unique mineral compounds bind together when applied which provides a resistance to running, smearing or flaking which is usually a common problem with conventional foundation products. However, they are easy to cleanse from the skin using a gentle cleansing product or the specially designed Magic Mitt with water.

Are the Products Suitable for Sensitive Skin

The product range is suitable for all types and tones of skin. The products have been thoroughly clinically and dermatologically tested to ensure that they are completely safe and hypo allergenic. The company has made a conscious and deliberate effort to ensure that skin sensitizer ingredients have been avoided while anti-irritant ingredients have been included during product development.

Jane Iredale is committed to skin health and a number of products have received the seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. This prestigious seal has to be earned by beauty manufacturers, who must provide sufficient evidence and scientific data which shows the product effectively and safely aids in the prevention of sun induced skin damage.

If you are fed up with spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetics which smother the skin and fail to enhance your natural beauty, then consider looking at the Jane Iredale range. With the number of beauty awards and recognition they have received and the full range of customer support offered, it could be just what you have been looking for.

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bare minerals

With the wide variety of cosmetic products available on the market, it can be very difficult to find the right foundation to suit your individual skin tone and type. Many women waste hundreds of dollars purchasing unsuitable products which claim to deliver miracles. This is especially so if you are prone to blemishes and breakouts or have marks and scarring on your skin. Many conventionally foundations are either too thin and require multiple applications or too thick, smothering the skin in a cakey layer which is prone to flaking. There was a huge demand on the market for a product which could deliver better results and the call was answered in the form of mineral make up.

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The Beginning of Bare Minerals

There are a number of reputable companies such as Sheer Cover and Jane Iredale who have each developed their own line of mineral makeup. Bare Minerals is the flagship product of Bare Escentuals. The company prides itself on being a trusted source of beauty products, allowing makeup to be fun and inspire women to achieve their beauty potential.

The company conducted great research to establish how women felt about makeup, their skin and how it affected themselves. They challenged women to try something unique and take a leap of faith that the cycle of liquid foundation, concealer and powder could be broken. [click to continue…]


Best Mineral Makeup for Acne

by Kelly on May 31, 2013

Mineral Makeup Acne

Acne is a skin condition which although not dangerous, it can cause scarring of the skin and result in a drop in self-confidence. The effects are usually seen when the follicles of the skin are blocked by dead skin or other debris causing a build-up of oil under the surface of the skin. The oil, skin cells and other debris clump into a plug which when infected by bacteria causes swelling and produces a spot or pimple. Most break outs occur on the face, chest, neck, shoulders and back.

Who Suffers from Acne

Research indicates that almost seventy five percent of all eleven to thirty years olds will be affected by acne to some degree. However, it can affect people of all ages, skin types and races. According to research conducted by Brown University, at any one time over seventeen million people in America are affected by acne.

What Causes Acne

Acne can be affected by hormone changes, with spikes in hormone levels during adolescence and pregnancy causing outbreaks. However, many people are affected by adult acne for no apparent reason.  This can present difficulties as many cosmetic products such as foundation which are designed to cover up outbreaks and blemishes quite literally smother the skin and cause further blockages. [click to continue…]

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sheer cover concealer

Whether you have scars or blemishes, problem areas or are just trying to achieve a flawless and smooth finish when you’re applying your make-up, a concealer is an essential tool in your make-up kit. However despite the huge selection of concealers and foundation products available in the various different make-up ranges, most of these products tend to leave flaky cracking or caking which is unsightly or else are worn off throughout the course of your day. This is where the Sheer Cover concealer becomes indispensable.

Sheer Cover’s creators Guthy Renker have been developing products for the beauty and skin industry for over twenty years. Their showcase product range of Sheer Cover was developed to assist women from across all age ranges and with all types of skin a radiant Hollywood glamour and a flawless look.

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How it Works

concealerThe Sheer Cover concealer works as an essential part of the Mineral Make-up beauty regime.  It differs from conventional concealers and cosmetic products as it covers and corrects imperfections to the appearance with a light sheet finish. The product range uses natural and organic minerals in small amounts to blend with the tones of the skin and disguise discoloration, scars, wrinkles or any other flaws for a naturally elegant finish.

Where conventional concealers or foundations can be so watery and thin that they require you to create multiple layers or so thick and clumpy that they smother the skin of the face beneath a suffocating mask, the minerals components of Sheer Cover form a gentle coverage of the skin which can reflect the light to give a more natural and radiant softer finish. You will also find that unlike other types of cosmetics Sheer Cover will not settle into fine lines or wrinkles. The natural glow you achieve will last perfectly all day, it is even sweat proof so you can have total confidence.

What It Contains

Sheer Cover uses a collection of minerals which are of 100% purity and has no silicone, talc’s, preservatives or artificial chemical colorants. It is perfectly suited for all tones, ages and types of skin, is fragrance free and is cruelty free as it is not tested on animals. [click to continue…]